Over the years the success of Music Mix Entertainment has been our process and customized approach.  Although we are a small company, we deliver in a big way.  Making your event unique and special is important to us.  Below we outline our process and share comments from some of our past customers.


About Music Mix Entertainment

MME was started in Gainesville, Florida in 1996.  MME began providing entertainment services in the Twin Cities in 2000.  Each year Music Mix Entertainment provides disc jockey service in the twin cities and surrounding areas. MME is owned by Mannix Clark.  Mannix has over 20 years of experience as a DJ.  MME DJ’s have a wide range of experience and personality.  

The Process & What You Can Expect

Music Mix Entertainment provides 2 DJ at most events. This allows us to provide our clients with the best possible service. Both DJ's are up to speed as to what is going to happen at your event.   When applicable we meet with the bride and groom about 6-8 weeks prior to the reception to plan out the reception activities.  Based on that meeting we create a wedding day reception agenda that is sent to the client for approval prior to the event.  

Along with the wedding day reception agenda we create a customized song sheet for each wedding.  This allows the bride and groom to select categories of music that they and their guest will want to hear at the reception.  The customized song sheet is laminated and available for guest to look and and make requests from the night of the reception.  It is also sent to the bride and groom after the reception along with the entire song log as a keepsake.  Since we work with the bride and groom to develop the sheet, we know what their favorite songs as well as the songs they do not want played at the reception.  In addition to the songs we have on the customized song sheet we will bring over 25,000 songs to your reception for guest to make request from.

We use professional sound equipment by industry leaders such as JBL, Numark and American Audio.  We also use professional and event appropriate lighting equipment by American DJ.  


We believe planning is the key to our success.  For a typical 4 hours wedding, we will spend 12-15 hours planning to make it a success.  Each client that books with Music Mix is provided with a planning booklet.  The booklet includes planning sheets to assist the bride and groom in planning their wedding reception. 
These planning documents include but are not limited to:
Sample reception planning and events such as grand entrance 
Sample music selections for the grand entrance, first dance, parents dances, wedding party dance, dollar dance, garter and bouquet removal and toss songs, last dance songs, etc

What Our Client's Say!