Choosing a DJ for your dance is important.  Our DJ’s are familiar with the latest music as well as the all-time party favorites.  We bring over 25,000 songs to each event.  We have current popular favorites that are played on the radio as well as, MTV, BET, CMT, etc


Highlights of Our Service

We have 2 DJ’s at most of our events.  This allows us to facilitate requests and coordinate any special events, games, etc.  We meet in person with the event coordinator(s) to discuss the expectations for the events and assist in the planning and the coordination of activities and developing the schedule.  


Give us a call and ask about multi event discounts.  We know budgets are tights so we try to provide some reprieve by giving discounts for multiple events booked with us.  

Choose a Package that Suits Your Needs and Get an Instant Price Quote


We provide online music selection for the event coordinators and even allow participants to request songs ahead of time that can be reviewed and approved by the event coordinators.  We work with the event coordinators to make sure we play the appropriate music and have radio (clean) versions of most popular songs.